Terms of Service

I. Price Quote/Services Provided 
Services provided and price quote will be detailed in the electrnoic quote from SimpleWebSetup.com.


II. Payment
Non-refundable 50% deposit is required to begin services. The balance is due upon completion and before the service is released or available to the client. If the total due is less than $100.00, full payment is required to begin the project. If the deposit due is less than $100.00, a minimum of $100 will be required. 

***Receipt of deposit or prepayment serves as acknowledgement that the client agrees to the terms and conditions of this contract.***


III. Schedule 
For delays due to non-communication on the part of the client or failure to submit content and images within the agreed timeframe, the project will be postponed and all required content/ images including 50% of the balance due will be required in order to re-activate the project.


IV. Content 
All content to be included within the website must be provided by the client in a .doc or .txt format. Content should be proofed and edited before submission.


V. Images
All images to be included within the website must be original or purchased images owned by the client. Stock images are available for purchase here.


VI. Revisions
During the website design process, a layout will be set first then content will be set. The client will be required to approve both layout and content within 72 hours of presentation. Any revisions or additions must be specified at this point. Any errors or oversights by the designer will be corrected at no additional charge. Once layout and content have been approved, any revisions or additions requested thereafter will be subject to additional charges.


VII. Final Review
A final review of the website will be rendered. Any changes or modifications specified at this point will be subject to additional charges.


VIII. Source Files
Source files are available upon request. (e.g. Photoshop files, flash files, etc.)


IX. Site Files
Any and all site files are owned by the client and will be accessible on website server.


X. Warranty 
Our company shall provide 30 days of technical support and training after the completion of the work provided. In case of any queries, notify customer service and they shall respond within 24 hours.